Ask Quinn
I'm Quinn Fabray, I'm a senior at William McKinley High School. I used to be the president of the celibacy club and head of the Cheerios.

I'm trying to get better. I'm trying do great. I'm trying to deserve the best in life. I'm trying.

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Ah. I'm kinda glad too. The Trouble Tones was fun and all but it was nothing compared to the New Directions. Gaah, Britt is totally rubbing off in me.

Good. Starting today it’s going to be a good year. Brittany’s got a wonderful influence on you, but even without her you would still love the New Directions better. Face it. Let’s hang out soon, okay?

Anonymous asked:
Well they now like each other from last episode u seemed sad when Mercedes was singing about him i think the song tell me more

You mean Summer Nights? As I remember it I was singing and smiling along with the others, I’m really happy for them. As I said, he deserves good things and Mercedes is a great great girl.

askdavek asked:
Isn't it though? Besides, I could certainly say the same about you. Kurt's told me a little bit about your, uh... 'rebellious' phase earlier this year.

He told you that? I needed a change, besides pink hair looked good on me. I strutted it with pride!

By the way, Dave, if you ever need someone to talk.. You know where to find me, right?

Anonymous asked:
How do you feel about Mercedes and Sam together now, you two used to be so cute together! :(

When did they get together? What? How? When? I guess, it’s good. He deserves good things. Yes, he deserves someone better, someone who’s good for him. Yeah.

Anonymous asked:
Are you planning on joining the cheerios?

I don’t see any challenge in joining the Cheerios, maybe someday if I get a good offer.

Anonymous asked:
Do you miss Beth?

Every day a little more. She was my perfect angel, the only thing that made this rotten stinkin’ freaking world seem a little better.

Yeah well... It was well deserved. You guys really blew us away. How is life treating you?

Yeah what can I say? We’re awesome. Sorry for the late answer, life’s been perfectly peachy. How are you?

oi fabray.

Hello miss Santana. Have I told you lately how glad I am that you’re back in  the New Directions? It was a bore without you.

asktehblaineanderson replied to your postHi! I’m Jeff. You’re from McKinley, right?

He’s tall, Quinn. You would have had to kick pretty high to kick that tall green beans ass. x]

But Blaine, surely you must remember it, you were there? I’ve been cheerleading for quite a while, my leg easily reaches that high. ;D

Hi! I'm Jeff. You're from McKinley, right?

That I am. I’m Quinn Fabray! And you’re a Warbler? I think I remember you from when we kicked your ass last year.