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I'm Quinn Fabray, I'm a senior at William McKinley High School. I used to be the president of the celibacy club and head of the Cheerios.

I'm trying to get better. I'm trying do great. I'm trying to deserve the best in life. I'm trying.

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I’m bored and in need of a party.

Or questions.

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don't keep me hanging, loves.

Good evening!


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Hey, Quinn! Thanks for the follow!

Ah finally, someone on my team, how’s life Blaine?

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I wouldn’t think so. Name’s Sebastian.

Quinn Fabray, pleasure to meet you. So, what brings a Warbler so far from school?

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@ Dave

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Hey Quinn; yea, it’s been forever… I kind of had to duck out of McKinley without saying goodbye to anyone… Sorry about that. How have you been?

Yeah, why did you leave McKinley? You were one of the greatest players we had, now we are doomed to lose. Oh well. 

Ah, I guess it’s good to be back.